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Works that do not fall easily into common categories are here called soundscapes.


This work began by assembling non-linear cells from the prelude to darkness project. These cells were then arranged and given a quasi-dramatic (anti-) narrative, similar to the use of text in io paean. Textual samples are taken from a sermon broadcasted by radio in cambridge, ma, and the narration of a latin setting of oedipus rex. The form of the work is a diluted moment-form: each section (cell) of the work is an independent harmonic and textural entity, yet dovetails with adjacent sections. Cells communicate with each other in both directions, cells recalling/ foreshadowing textures, rhythms, and timbres. Most cells are created with tala-like rhythmic ostinati, often combining / superimposing odd meters.

guido's windchime

algorithmic composition for midi instruments

This work is an algorithmic composition created with Max/MSP. Large scale form, certain rhythmic ostinati, and the general texture of the work are composed into the algorithm. The user can set and store settings including hexachord, four pitch field transpositions, octave displacements, cannon delays, and midi assignments for five (or more) instruments through as many as 8 channels. Tempo, rhythm, velocity (dynamics), panning (stereo position), reverb depth, and the timing of each harmonic and rhythmic event is controlled by the algorithm. The results are quite musical. Two mp3 "performances" are available for download.


for digital audio

This work, developed as part of a collaboration with TaikoProject, employs numerous digitally processed and manipulated samples of taiko instruments. Rhythmic structures are both newly-composed and composed elaborations of compositions performed as part of TaikoProject. The large scale shape of the work is imagined as a sort of garden, the listener strolling between diverse locations, each a different perspective of taiko sound-space. The title refers to the wood-working tool used to shape a taiko drum from a tree.

Thanks to Wynn Yamami, Soh Daiko, Bryan Yamami, and TaikoProject for audio samples employed in this work.


for digital audio

Poly-texture composition created with an early version of athenaCL (0.9) and employing a single simple TextureModule.


This soundscape was created exclusively from recordings made in Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention, August 2nd and 3rd, 2000. This project was completed with the assistance of Dan Devivo and Joseph Mathew.


for digital audio

This work was scored and rendered entirely in csound. Smooth metallic timbres are juxtaposed with noise and formant modeled hybrids. The work is a miniature and, in size and in content, is intentionally understated. The title alludes to the Japanese aesthetic of the same name.

Ariza with KIOKU

Christopher Ariza performing live electronics with KIOKU. More information.