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Music from Flexatone HFP has been used in conjunction with projects in various other media. For more information, see below.

TaikoProject: (re)generation

music and sound design for 2003-2004 tour.

The music for this project includes a composition for taiko ensemble and real-time signal processing, as well as ambient taiko-scapes for use as incidental music before and after the show. The 2003-2004 tour includes numerous performances around the west coast.

The TaikoProject, founded in 2000, is an ensemble of America's premiere, emerging taiko drummers dedicated to preserving and disseminating American taiko drumming through workshops, classes, lecture-demonstrations, residencies, and public performances. The ensemble's work balances the traditions and rich history of American taiko with a contemporary edge exploring new dimensions in taiko.


music and sound design for the play by Peter Shaffer, directed by Matthew Kwatinetz.

ob, cl, vl, vla, vc, elec.bs, spoken chorus, and electronic tape

The music for this performance occurs simultaneously with the action of the play: there is no incidental music. At times the music is pure textural backdrop, at other times the music becomes the rhythmic ground for the entire drama. Live musicians, visible off stage, perform while a 4 channel prerecorded noise texture is mixed in real-time through a spatially isolated sound system.

Performed 10, 11, 12 april 1997, Loeb Experimental Theater, Cambridge, MA.

Indiscretion (101)

music and sound design for the film written and directed by Alexis Lloyd.

Indiscretion (101) is a short ten-minute suspense film, written and directed by Alexis Lloyd and shot in New York City, depicting the trauma of a young woman, Kristin (Caron Bernstein), on the day she moves into her new downtown apartment. There, her enigmatic neighbor, Henry (Ronald Guttman), gives her a cold and daunting welcome.But Kristin is resilient. She overcomes her fear and investigates her suspicious neighbor, only to learn that she is as blind to his world as he to her.

The electronic music and sound design composed for this film depict the intense aural experiences and creations of Henry, a man obsessed with sound.

Prelude to Darkness

music and sound design for Zero Sum Software, Inc.

The music for this project was conceived within the fictional world of the game. An entire music history was created, and the music within each city reflects this history and the cultural traditions established within the larger game. Rather than drawing upon the traditional orchestral instrumentation, individual ensembles were designed for each culture. This instrumentation was then combined with now-traditional electronic instruments (drums, bass, etcetera). The large scale form of the music is created with numerous musical cells that are loopable within themselves and between other cells in that cell-family. Each city has its own cell family. The computer randomly chooses paths between these cells, with certain preferences hardwired in the code. The result is a form that is constantly changing, avoiding the typical linear development often found in such music.

Ariza with KIOKU

Christopher Ariza performing live electronics with KIOKU. More information.