Flexatone HFP
  • onomatopoeticized
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for digital audio

This work explores merged discontinuities and scattered continuities. The title is taken from Allen Ginsberg's 1969 poem "Northwest Passage." The form of the work seeks a balance between forward propulsion and frictional resistance. The algorithmic composition system athenaCL is used to deploy polyphonic textures made of sound shards, short samples larger than grains. Repertories consisting of hundreds of these short samples, algorithmically extracted from sound files of recordings done in Tokyo and elsewhere, are recomposed into horizontal and vertical textures. The sieve theory of Iannis Xenakis, also implemented in athenaCL, is used to create pitch groups and polyphonic rhythmic canons. Additional processing and synthesis is done with Csound, Max/MSP, SoundHack, and various other software and hardware.

Ariza with KIOKU

Christopher Ariza performing live electronics with KIOKU. More information.