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History of flexatone.net

This site, since its first manifestation in 1996, has been designed to provide an original and exploratory web experience.

The original site (version one), titled Matrix (long before the movies by the same name), was created in raw HTML and was posted as a student page on a university server in 1996. The design of that site was inspired in part by a project called The Black Harlequin Space. The content of that site focused exclusively on original audio works of Christopher Ariza.

In 1999 and 2000 the flexatone URLs were acquired and a new site (version two) was created. Essential design components from the earlier site were maintained. Content was expanded from original music to include music software. From 2000 onward the original raw HTML was incorporated into a custom Python framework to permit flexible site generation. This framework was forked and expanded to create additional sub-sites with dynamic content. In 2007 this new Python-based framework was used to completely redesign the site (version three).

The newest iteration (version four) was completed in 2011. The site was completely redesigned in a strictly hierarchical form, with automatically generated hierarchical navigation. Content was broadened to represent the range of new services and software provided via Flexatone HFP. The custom Python framework was replaced with Django, providing a more robust and powerful backend.

Flex-A-Tone advertisement

Historical advertisement for the original flex-a-tone. More information.

Flex-A-Tone instructions

Historical instructions for the original flex-a-tone. More information.