Flexatone HFP

Software and On-Line Tools

Applications, music software, and computer music resources are created and distributed via Flexatone HFP.

Web-Based Software tools include algorithmic.net. Music Frameworks include the Martingale Pd library, ArachneWarp, and ArachneMicro. Python Music Tools include the athenaCL algorithmic composition system and music21.

TIv and TImap view of athenaCL

Screenshot of athenaCL, showing the TIv display of Texture parameters and a TImap display. More information.

TImap view of athenaCL

The TImap view of athenaCL, showing the output of various Generator ParameterObjects. More information.

Dual-analog controller

The dual-analog gamepad controller. The Martingale Pd library features numerous instruments and compositions employing this controller. More information.

Sonofact screenshot

Screenshots of Sonofact, showing a detail term definition and the index of the complete dictionary. More information.