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Python Systems for Algorithmic Composition and Computational Musicology

More information about tools for advanced work in algorithmic composition and computational musicology in Python can be found below.


modular poly-paradigm algorithmic music composition in a cross-platform interactive command-line environment.

The athenaCL system is an open-source, object-oriented composition tool written in Python. The system can be scripted and embedded, and includes integrated instrument libraries, post-tonal and microtonal pitch modeling tools, multiple-format graphical outputs, and musical output in Csound, SuperCollider, Pure Data, MIDI, audio file, XML, and text formats.


Framework for Computer-Aided Musical Analysis and Manipulation.

A flexible tooolkit for computer-aided musicology.

The system provides input via MusicXML, MIDI, ABC, Musedata, and Humdrum, and output via MusicXML, MIDI, and LilyPond; a wide range of tools for musical manipulation, analysis, graphing, transformation, and representation; and an integrated corpus of thousands of searchable works.

TImap view of athenaCL

The TImap view of athenaCL, showing the output of various Generator ParameterObjects. More information.

TIv and TImap view of athenaCL

Screenshot of athenaCL, showing the TIv display of Texture parameters and a TImap display. More information.