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Stillchime No. 1

Wall-mounted, interactive, electro-acoustic, generative musical automata

This installation is a wall-mounted, interactive, electro-acoustic, generative musical automata, controlled by an Arduino that drives servo-controlled shakers, electromagnetic buzzers, and a three-color LED. Environmental inputs from light and temperature shape the large-scale generation of dynamic, generative rhythms and textures. The Stillchime works are indoor wind chimes, providing hours of subtle, constantly changing aural ambience.

External stilchime No. 1

An external view of Stillchime No. 1. The left panel exposes a multi-color LED, a photo-resisitor, and temperature sensor. More information.

Internal stilchime No. 1

An internal view of Stillchime No. 1. An Arduino UNO drives two servo-controlled shakers, and (not visible) four electromechanical buzzers. More information.